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CBD offers relief in cancer treatment, easing pain, increasing appetite, and preventing nausea. Explore its potential in prevention .It is a surprise that in a world where everything has a rational and perfect solution, cancer is still incurable. Cancer grows like wildfire and takes people down all over the world regardless of race, colour and country.

Cancer is a condition where cells develop without control. Several thousand have already passed due to this fatal condition, and several are still tortured in hospital beds till they meet their fate. It is miserable how all the usual cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and bone marrow transplant are about causing a great deal of pain to the patient. This is why most cancer patients prefer death over prolonged treatments.


There has been much research already conducted on the medical properties of marijuana, all with positive results. CBD, else known as cannabidiol, is an active cannabinoid present in cannabis leaves that are proven to have positive effects on treating several chronic pain and psychological conditions.

Treating cancer with CBD was a long-tested experiment, which finally became the only reason for cancer patients to wake up every day and continue living. Cannabis works magically in treating carcinoma, reducing its side effects and preventing cancer growth.
As many medications failed to cure cancer so far, doctors and scientists were more focused on natural treatments, because nature always has an answer to everything.

Cannabis, even if it is labelled and viewed as a drug by many people – is still a tree that photosynthesizes, pollinates and dies like every other plant. And as marijuana is now legal for medical and recreational purposes in Canada and there are many online dispensaries in Canada, it is foolish to neglect the possible cure for cancer that is handed to you in a golden tray. Here in this article, we seek to share with you some proven ways cannabidiol helps carcinogenic patients.


Complementing cancer treatments is one of the significant ways CBD can help ease up your cancer condition. This may happen in different channels, of which we chose the main few.

  • Increases Appetite: Cannabidiol can stimulate appetite in cancer patients. Lack of appetite is one of the leading causes that weaken cancer patients. Not having a knack for food can result in severe weight losses and destroy the immunity of the body. CBD, along with THC and other cannabinoids in cannabis, can help stimulate lost appetite, therefore promising a healthy meal for every cancer patient in their most difficult times of life.
  • Prevents Nausea: Feeling nauseated is common among cancer patients, and most of the time this is due to post-chemotherapy conditions and general unease and pain in the body. Nausea and vomiting become part of the daily routine of most cancer patients, and in their hurry to kill off the cancer cells, they fail to treat these irritating side effects. That is why cannabis is essential, as the CBD and THC levels of the cannabis strain can fight nauseous feelings. Smoking and eating cannabis have proven to reduce retching, the bitterness of mouth, sick feeling in the stomach and gagging – all of which are very common among carcinogenic patients.
  • Relieves Pain: if you are a cancer patient or someone with experience being around one, you might know that no amount of painkillers can stop the pain cancer gives. When other diseases get better when treated, cancer treatments only make the pain worse. Inflammation, nerve injury, internal organ pressure and cancer treatments result in a depression that must be felt to be understood. CBD has the power to ease everything up by stopping internal inflammation. It acts as a tranquillizer and painkiller, as it works on the CB2 receptors to put a stop to the pain you are feeling.


Even though cannabis is proven to fight off cancer’s effects, studies are still being conducted on its power to prevent cancer altogether. But in 2015, a silver lining was found when research proved that users of CBD have 45% lower risk of developing bladder cancer. It would be a great revelation to humankind if, in the future, the real value of CBD becomes clear.


Research done in 2016 threw light upon the positive effects of cannabis on cancer patients. The cannabinoid seemed to restrain the growth of cancer cells, and the process is still being tried on humans. However, CBD does worsen the cancer situation at all. It only makes the pain more bearable, and the side effects less intense. Whether or not it has the capability to prevent and cure cancer is still debated upon, but that does not devalue the anti-cancerous properties of the plant.
As the research goes on, it is crucial to consult your doctor before you start using medical cannabis for your cancer. With the correct dosage and correct type of strain, you can manage your pain effectively.

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